Welcome to Dynamic Transitions Psychological Consulting, LLP. This document constitutes a contract between us (the “Agreement”). Please read it carefully and raise any questions or concerns that you have before you agree to it.


The services that I provide include 14 weeks of video groups totaling 60 minutes in length, for the purpose of helping you to understand, manage, and take steps in your toward reducing your experience of your Impostor Syndrome.

The services I provide are limited to education and coaching regarding career development. Education and coaching are not medical, mental health or any other type of health service. They are NOT psychotherapy or mental health counseling. No diagnosis or treatment of, or advice regarding, any medical or mental health condition or illness is offered. Education and coaching cannot substitute for, and are not alternatives to, medical or other healthcare diagnosis and treatment when a medical or mental health condition or illness is present. Individuals are advised to seek diagnosis, treatment and advice regarding medical or mental health conditions or illnesses from physicians, psychotherapists, and other licensed healthcare professionals.

As your educational coach, my job is to help you use information, skills, and strategies that you will acquire in doing the Program and help you to stay motivated and focused on making and maintaining the changes you create. I will support, encourage, teach, and help you to “stay on track” as you move toward your vision and goals.


My curriculum is the web-based videos, tools and worksheets. The Own Your Greatness Companion Course login will be sent to you within three business days of receiving your pre-paid registration for the group. You will then watch all of the videos and doing all assignments that are part of the coaching group. This is likely to take you between 2-3 hours a week and it’s of the utmost importance, both for your own progress and for the group to function well, that you make this a major priority. I may also suggest some additional reading material. In the group, we work through the entire set of videos, but this additional reading will be optional.

Your attendance at the group is extremely important. Please make every effort to be on time for the group and stay the entire time. Your commitment is not just to yourself and your progress, but also to the rest of the group and their progress. Make sure you can make the commitment to attend at least 9 of the 14 sessions, and hopefully, more.

Before the group starts, again when the group is over, and six months later, we will ask you to fill out a variety of feedback reviews which will help me to evaluate your progress, both immediately and over the long-term.

Format and Structure

There are a total of 60-minutes of group meetings as well as the online component of the course. Please plan to attend each session and be on the line for the entire call. This interactive, focused, and supportive group is a weave of new knowledge and new experiences. Each week, you’ll be getting new material to work with and learn from. You’ll also be setting a personal goal. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out how much you’re actually enjoying these supportive assignments and setting your goals!

During each call, we’ll begin with a check-in so that the whole group has an opportunity to chime in with any questions or issues that have arisen from reviewing the materials. We’ll discuss the videos and the exercises so that you’ll reinforce what you’ve learned and be able to apply it at critical moments. We’ll encourage you to share both your difficulties and your successes, to give your journey of self-discovery a forward thrust and allow others in the group to benefit. Then, I’ll introduce the new material for the next session that you’re going to receive so you’re prepared to get the most out of it and to take your next steps.

Session Dates and Time:

Our group coaching call sessions are 60-minutes long.

Webinar Procedure:

You will receive an email several days before the group coaching session begins with the information to sign in.


I will protect the privacy of your communications with me to the fullest extent consistent with the law. There may be some occasions when I may be required to release information about your coaching with me without your permission, but such situations usually involve emergencies and occur very rarely.

All members of the group will be asked to agree to a high level of confidentiality. This means that each participant agrees not to share any other group member’s identifying and personal information with others. It is appropriate to share your personal reaction, feelings and learning about group with others, but please do not share details that may obviously identify a group member with anyone outside of the group.


If, at any time, I do or say something that you find upsetting or doesn’t feel right, please bring it up as soon as possible. I am committed to having an open, fair, and respectful relationship. I anticipate a fruitful educational coaching relationship, and look forward to working with you.

Agreeing to “the Agreement” indicates that you have read the information in this document (Educational Telecoaching Agreement and Memo of Understanding), and understand the nature of our services, have had the opportunity to ask us any questions you might have about them, and agree to abide by its terms during our professional coaching relationship.

– Lisa and Richard Orbé-Austin, PhD