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What I most appreciated about Dr. Orbe-Austin was her genuine investment in my personal and professional success. She not only took the time to learn about my individual interests and aspirations, she provided encouragement and advice every step of the way. In many ways, my ability to thrive in the face of various challenges was largely catalyzed by her support and the faith she instilled in me regarding my own potential. If you are seeking a professional who can help you identify your own strengths and talents while also pushing you to stretch, grow, and advance towards possibilities you may not have even realized existed, she is someone you’ll want to connect with! – Tomomi Uetani, Director of Career Services and Leadership Management Columbia School of Social Work

My investment in Dr. Orbe-Austin and Dynamic Transitions has yielded immediate and significant financial and emotional rewards. Having worked along side Dr. Orbe-Austin for several years, I have been a witness to her warmth and positive nature. It is quite simply, in her DNA to help others. I have accessed her guidance formally and informally and rely heavily on her and Dynamic Transitions for support and direction. When I am in need of a course correction with my own businesses, I turn to her. – Brian Norton, M.Ed., LMHC, Psychotherapist and Executive Coach

Dr. Orbé-Austin is an outstanding career counselor, who is my go-to referral. She is thoughtful, practical and tremendously effective. She works particularly well with women feeling stuck in their professional lives and has truly changed the lives of many women who came to her unable to see a path ahead. – Jennifer Bernstein, MD, Medical Director Manhattan Psychiatric Associates