Module One – Power

This module is all about getting you to REFOCUS your energy on yourself in a positive and constructive manner so that you can concretely realize how AMAZING your are.

Module Two – Effort

Your time is one of the most valuable commodities you have. How you spend it can determine whether you succeed at your goals or fail. In the EFFORT module, we are going to look at your time management skills and help you to maximize the effort that you expend. So, you are focused and skilled at achieving efficiently.

Module Three – Optimism

In the Optimism module, I will reconnect you or connect you for the first time to your career dreams. I will help you to “rehopeify” yourself and get you believing that what you want is possible. We’ll focus on what you CAN DO and what you DO HAVE and we’ll bring a positive orientation back to your professional life in a really strategic way.

Module Four – Persistence

In this module, I’ll address tricks and tips to remaining persistence. I’ll discuss the typical triggers that affect remaining focused on your dreams and proven methods to help you stay the course, focused and driven when hard things occur. We’ll review your CTAA assessment and get a sense of your strengths and areas for development when in comes to feedback, which is a critical aspect of remaining persistent.

Module Five – Learning

Here we’ll cover all the concrete AND material components related to search and the most strategic ways to prepare the materials and yourself for search including resumes, cover letters, interviews, follow-up, search strategies.

Module Six – Engagement

In the final module, Engagement, we’ll discuss networking and how to make it work for you. For most people, this is the most dreaded part of job search and transition, but the way I teach networking most of clients find it more fun than they expected. It is a vital part of transitioning and your success here can dictate how successfully and how quickly you transition. The skills that I show you here will last you a lifetime and be your inoculation from ever being in this position again.